Leonardo ran into the bedroom in a panic.


“Guys!” he yelled. “Master Splinter is missing!”

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Acceptance Part Two

“So you got our note?” Leonardo asked me.


I nodded. “Seemed a little bogus to me, though.”


“Oh, it’s far from bogus,” Donatello promised. “I’ve been tracking these terrestrial movements for the past week, and there is no way it could be anything but man’s doing.”


April nodded in agreement. “The weatherman is as confused as the public-”


“-And the public is as confused as a turtle in a chicken coop,” Raphael finished for her.

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Acceptance Part One

I ran down the alley in search of the trench-coated figure. Whoever it was had dropped their wallet. They weren’t there, though, and I almost turned away until a scrap of paper caught my eye. On closer inspection it was revealed that my name was on it. More than slightly creeped out, I decided to open it. Continue reading

Role models

Some may know them only as renaissance artists
To me, they are the teenage mutant ninja turtles
They are the ones who got me through a boring summer
The ones who helped me make a new friend
And the ones who have showed me how to be as best I can
Loyal like Leonardo
Determined like Raphael
Intelligent like Donatello
Myself like Michelangelo
So now
I don’t care what others think of my personality
My intelligence and determination shown in my schoolwork
And I am loyal to both family and friends
While it may not have been artists that inspired me
The role models I have have made me who I am.

Turtle Relations

In Season One of the most recent cartoon of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the four brothers get along like normal siblings would, which is to say: not as well as they could. All four are proud of their individual talents, but more than that, they rely on them. It is difficult for the four of the, to work as a team at first, and they also have trouble listening to one another. Leo and Raph have odd ways of showing their love both to one another and to their younger siblings, and even Mikey and Donnie have trouble getting along. Donnie and Raph are almost always going after the other’s faults, and Raph and Leo are almost always at each other’s throats. Mikey is incredibly immature, which the rest of team has trouble accepting.

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Turtle Evolution

Over the years, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have grown and changed. At first, they were just some silly sketches done by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird in 1983. In 1984, the pair of comic artists create a 40 page, black-and-white comic about their characters, giving each character a different ninja weapon to tell them apart. Two years later, the color comic came out. This had the turtles a bit taller and a little more heroic looking. Each wore a red mask, and they kept kept the weapons. The year after that, the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon was released, which featured the turtles with different colored masks, initialed belt buckles, and an exaggerated love of pizza to make it more kid-friendly than the comics.

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