Leonardo ran into the bedroom in a panic.


“Guys!” he yelled. “Master Splinter is missing!”

“What?!” Raphael exclaimed.


“Bogus!” Michelangelo agreed.


“Wouldn’t we have heard him leave?” Donatello questioned.


Leonardo shrugged. “Let’s contact April. Maybe she’s heard from him.” He pulled out his turtle communicator. “Leonardo calling April. Come in April.”


April yawned as she picked up. “What’s up, guys?” she asked.


“Sorry to wake you on your day off, April,” Leonardo apologized, “but we can’t find Master Splinter anywhere. We were wondering if you had heard from him?”


“Did he leave a note?” the reporter asked tiredly.


“No,” Donatello answered for Leonardo. “He didn’t wake us up, either.”


“I’m sorry, but I haven’t heard from him.” April yawned again. “It’s four in the morning. I’ll call you guys back if I hear anything from him. For now, good night.” She hung up.


Donatello frowned worriedly. “He wouldn’t have left without letting us know he was headed out. Let’s try calling him.” He pulled out his own turtle comm. “Turtles to Master Splinter. Come in, Splinter.”


There was no response from the turtles’ sensei.


“So now what?” Raphael asked.


“Now we start looking for clues,” Donatello answered, putting away his turtle comm and heading for the dojo. The other turtles followed, and together they searched the room for any hints as to where their caretaker had gone.


A few minutes later, Master Splinter entered the mess of the room.


“My students, what have you done?” he asked.


All four looked up from their search. “Master Splinter!” they exclaimed excitedly.


“We were wondering where you had gone,” Leonardo explained.


“You needn’t have worried, my students,” Splinter replied calmly. “I merely went above ground in search of more sushi.”


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