Acceptance Part Three

I awoke early the next morning due to the fact that someone was flinging pebbles at my window.


“What do you want?” I called down before recognizing the turtles from last night.


“Pizza!” Michelangelo called back.

The others shot him a look.


“But, uh… We really do need your help with stopping the end of the earth and all that.”


“And we need to know if you’re going to help or not soon, because at this point we’ve got about five hours before the bad part starts happening,” Donatello added.


Lovely, a time crunch. I stared at them a moment. Apparently that was a moment too long, because Raphael spoke up.


“What are you waiting for? An engraved invitation?”


I sighed. “Fine. I’ll do it. If you’re trying to save the world, you must not be monsters, right?” I dressed and headed downstairs, joining the four of them in the vehicle they called the Turtle Van. It was there that we discussed how to take down the evildoers.


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