Acceptance Part One

I ran down the alley in search of the trench-coated figure. Whoever it was had dropped their wallet. They weren’t there, though, and I almost turned away until a scrap of paper caught my eye. On closer inspection it was revealed that my name was on it. More than slightly creeped out, I decided to open it.

Tracy, the note started, we’ve been watching you for a while now, and we’ve decided you’d be a boss addition to our team, especially for our latest mission. You may have seen April O’Neal’s reports on the strange positioning of the moons and planets. These alignments are not natural, but rather the work of a pair of evil villains with plans to take over the earth. We need your help to stop them. Please meet us at Greasy Eddie’s Pizza at 8 o’clock tonight. When you see April, you’ll find us.

Thank you, Green Machine


This was truly bogus. I looked around, waiting for someone to jump out at me and yell ‘psyche’. When no one did, I decided that they must be waiting until 8 o’clock at Greasy Eddie’s for me to show. I sighed to myself and finished the walk home. I did my homework as quickly as I could before asking my mother if I could go to Greasy Eddie’s. When I told her that I had finished my homework, she let me, and I was surprised to see that April O’Neal from Channel 6 News was actually there. As I entered the building, I noticed she was with four short men in trench coats.


“Miss O’Neal?” I asked as I came over.


“Hi Tracey,” she smiled. “Have you eaten? We were planning to talk to you outside.”


“I can eat after,” I decided.


She nodded and headed towards the door, the four men following her. I followed the five of the most into an alley, where the men introduced themselves as Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, and Michelangelo. I did my best to memorize the voice, since they all looked the same.







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