Left Behind

She stood out in the graveyard,
All alone with the wind,
And holding a hand-written card.

Both knees were skinned
As she fell to the ground
With tears that dripped down her chin.

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Salty Tears

She sang softly to him as she stroked his hair gently, trying to comfort him. He smiled some, grateful for her attempt, yet unable to fully relax as pain overwhelmed him. Her salty tears showed sweet love as she watched the light slowly fade from his eyes. Life would be different from now on, with the loss of one. That’s how it went though. Sometimes one life had to end for another to begin. She swallowed hard and finally stood, knowing she had work to do.

A Willow Deeply Scarred

The darkening sky called to her, tempting her with the idea of rain. Glancing behind her from habit, she went outside, leaving her coat behind. She sat, waiting in the brittle grass for the coming storm, thinking about what had happened. As the first raindrops fell, she took a deep breath and turned her mind to the feel and smell and sound of the rain. She closed her eyes and made herself forget. Eventually, the shower wound down and the sun began to warm up the now damp earth. She smiled as she stood again, reminding herself that everything was alright now.