Why I Write

People everywhere use different methods to get away from reality and stress. Some do yoga. Others walk in solitude. For myself, however, I choose to write. Continue reading


That One Kid

She sat in the back of the class, quietly intent on her schoolwork. That was the day her teacher made an announcement about that year’s spring play. The play had a cast of nine people, and her teacher specifically stated that he needed more than nine to show up for auditions.
“Well, why not?” the girl silently asked herself. “If I go, that’ll be one more person that he can say didn’t fit a part.”
She didn’t know what she was getting herself into, but she stayed after school anyway for auditions. Some of the people there she knew, and others she didn’t. Of the people she did know, most seemed confident and charismatic at school, or at least to her they did. She didn’t stand a chance, and she knew it.

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